Plus size tunics

Tunics are always fashionable and very beautiful to wear. In addition to this, what characterises plus size tunics is their versatility, in fact they look good with anything you decide to wear them with, whether with a skirt or trousers.

Plus size jackets are perfect for every style, if you wear them with something very elegant they look elegant, so they are perfect for special occasions, but if you don't like to wear elegant clothes you can wear them with something very simple, so you will have a more casual style.

There are many curvy tunic models available that are suitable for every season. You can find long-sleeved ones that you can wear especially when the temperatures are not too high or even in the evening, but you can also find short-sleeved and half-sleeved models that are perfect for any season you choose to wear them.

There are also several plus-size models, starting from the neckline we can say that there are tunics with a V-neck, more or less accentuated, it is up to you to choose jackets that make you feel better with your body and your beautiful shapes. If, on the other hand, you don't like this type of neckline, we also have plus-size models with a round or crew neck.

Still talking about the different types in the shop we can say that we have a wide choice of garments with or without buttons. If you want something more special and unique in their style we offer curvy tunic jackets with lacing on the back, which are really gorgeous to look at.

Discover the new Donna Più collection and come and see all the tunic jackets we have in shop specially chosen for you.