Tunic and Trousers

Tunic and trousers suit plus size

Tunic and trousers is one of the combinations that we at Donna Più suggest. It's one of the combinations that curvy women appreciate so much, so we offer several models.

We have a number of different models of suits in our shop, including curvy tunic and trousers, which vary in both style and colour.

As far as style is concerned, we have both elegant and non-elegant models, so it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your taste. The elegant ones are perfect for those who don't like wearing dresses during parties, and we also recommend them for important occasions such as weddings and graduations.

The models we offer come in different colours and are all unique and inimitable. You can find models made from plain fabrics in very simple colours such as blue or tiffany green, or more unusual colours such as crocodile, which is very fashionable and used a lot lately. If you don't want plain coloured suits, then our printed suits are for you. One of the models available is made up of plus-size trousers with a floral print and a plus-size tunic in the colour of flowers.

We have many plus size suits and trousers from different brands, some of which are from the Gaia Life and Mirella Matteini collections. These are just some of the brands we have decided to collaborate with, in fact, if you come to our shop in the centre of Merate, you will find many articles from brands that make clothes especially for women of a certain size.

Come and discover Donna Più plus size suits and trousers and all the wonderful collections in the shop, we are waiting for you!