Plus size t-shirts

A very common item of women's clothing in the wardrobes of curvy women is the t-shirt. The t-shirt is a fashion item that is perfect to wear in any situation you find yourself in.

There are many brands that produce t-shirts in standard sizes, for example, we offer plus size t-shirts from some of the collections of the brands we have decided to collaborate with, such as Penny Black, Giglio Rosso, Gaia Life, Elena Mirò and many others.

In the shop you will find comfortable size models of magnificent t-shirts, all different from each other and all with something unique.

We offer simple plus size t-shirts as well as t-shirts with more unusual patterns and prints. The simple ones can be all plain colours, but also those with classic prints such as stripes or polka dots.

Among the most popular plain t-shirts we have the classic white monochrome model. The white T-shirt is one of the must-haves of the moment. This model can be combined with any garment you like, from loose-fitting trousers to jeans, but even with a skirt it looks great, and even as far as outerwear is concerned, it can be said to go with anything.

Another distinction we make for t-shirts is length and width. There are several long and wide t-shirts in our collection, but not only that, you can also find shorter models that can be either quite narrow or very wide.

Talking about women's plus size t-shirts, we can say that some brands do not only create short-sleeved models, in fact in the clothing lines for curvy women there are also long-sleeved t-shirts for those who want them. Don't wait, come and discover all the lines at Donna Più.