Plus size sweatshirts

A must-have item in every wardrobe is the sweatshirt. There are countless models of sweatshirts in comfortable sizes that do not necessarily have to be used for sport. Sweatshirts have recently become a huge success and a fashion item that everyone loves.

The sweatshirts for curvy women that we offer can be either hooded or unhooded. The round-neck sweatshirt was invented in the 1920s for football players, while the hooded sweatshirt was first produced in the 1930s as temperatures were very low and more coverage was needed. Since then, hoodies have never gone out of fashion.

There are various models of plus size hoodies for women available. These come in different colours, both monochrome and multi-coloured, but that's not all: there are many sweatshirts made of extraordinary and sometimes even extravagant patterns and prints.

Another fact to keep in mind regarding the different models of sweatshirts is that there are both closed sweatshirts and zipped sweatshirts. Zippered sweatshirts are perfect if you are wearing t-shirts with wonderful patterns underneath and especially if your intention is to show off the most beautiful prints on your t-shirts.

Plus-size women's sweatshirts without zips can be worn with or without a T-shirt. This is why sweatshirts are very versatile garments and guarantee unique practicality and comfort.

Discover all the sweatshirts in our Donna Più collection designed especially for curvy women.