Shirts and Tunics

Plus size shirts and jackets

Come and discover the new collection of shirts and jackets at Donna Più, a shop that dresses all those women who wear a conformist size. Various types of garments can be found in the shop, which has been keeping your happiness first and foremost for over 20 years.

The shop has been keeping your happiness in mind for over 20 years. Women love to wear plus-size shirts and tunics, and because we love to satisfy your desires and needs, we offer a wide range of curvy shirts and tunics.

If your size is between 42 and 62 and you like a fairly elegant style then you have the possibility to find shirts and tunics that will be to your liking.

The models we display are all chosen by experts in the field who make a selection of the best items from the catwalks and behind the scenes, paying particular attention to the finishing touches and the high quality of the materials used to make them. It is very important to us that each garment is comfortable and therefore has a good fit.

Among the comfortable tunics and shirts that we offer we have models that are very different from each other, we go from models with a V-neck to others with a round neck, not forgetting those with collars, as far as colours are concerned we have plain articles available in different colours, but also others with animal prints and floral patterns that will never go out of fashion, furthermore, there are shirts and tunics with both half sleeves and long sleeves if you prefer to keep your arms covered.

One thing we can say and are very proud of is that all our garments are able to enhance your shape to the ful