Plus size shirts

Very popular clothing items for women are plus-size knitwear. For these we can make several distinctions between the models for curvy women that have always been produced.

First of all, we can divide women's plus size jumpers according to the season, as there are both winter and spring models.

Among the winter models, you can find plus-size jumpers made from fairly heavy materials, in fact, there are some models produced using wool. As far as the winter season is concerned, you can find turtlenecks for plus sizes, that is all those sweaters with a high neck.

As far as the spring season is concerned, there are much lighter curvy sweaters made mainly of cotton.

Another distinction we can make is the style they take on. There are many plus size models with a casual style, they are classic and very simple, for all curvy women there are also many more chic sweaters for those who prefer a more elegant style. These elegant plus size jumpers are suitable for many occasions, they can be worn at all times of the day, in the evening and at parties at night.

Oversize jumpers can be found with different types of collar: there are many with a high collar called a turtleneck, but if you find yourself in front of a jumper with a collar that is not too high, then that model is called a turtleneck. Other types of collar that characterise plus size knitwear are the V-neck and finally the round neck.

Another aspect to consider when buying plus-size jumpers is the sleeves. There are mainly three types of sleeves: long sleeves, which are especially suitable for the winter season, half sleeves and short sleeves, which are suitable for all seasons.

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