Plus size polo shirt

If you define your style as urban, then a very suitable item of clothing for you and your outfits is the polo shirt. This style is very popular in the big cities where very versatile looks are used for any time of day.

Similar to a blouse, our women's plus size polo shirt is both practical and irresistibly beautiful.

Initially, the polo shirt was considered a sporty garment as it was worn by polo players during their matches.

The world-famous polo shirt is an item of clothing that, depending on the combinations you decide to make, is able to take on a more sporty or even a more elegant style.

At Donna Più there are models suitable for all seasons, from short-sleeved polo shirts to those with long sleeves, it is up to you to choose the model that best suits you and your needs.

There are many models of women's polo shirts for comfortable sizes. They range from the simplest, such as the classic single-coloured white polo shirt, which always goes with everything, to the most complex and extravagant ones. We consider the most extravagant to be all those women's polo shirts that have been made from fabrics with elaborate patterns, one example being those with a floral print, but also those with special details that are more difficult to match, but not impossible.

Another aspect to be taken into account in differentiating between the various types of women's polo shirts we show is that of the fabrics. The classic plus-size polo shirt is usually made of cotton, but in the shop we also have more elegant models with sleeves made of a different fabric called organza. If you are a curvy woman and you like a very elegant style, we also offer models with simple but very chic details.

At Donna Più you will find a large collection of very beautiful and fashionable plus-size women's polo shirts. Come and try them all now.