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Plus size pyjamas

Pyjamas are an item of clothing used by everyone to go to sleep but not only, in fact it is also used by many people after a day's work and a nice refreshing shower. Donna Più has many models of plus size pyjamas, from the simplest to the most particular, from the classic to the most romantic.

Depending on the season we are in, you can find different models, both in terms of length and the fabrics used to make curvy pyjamas.

If you want plus-size pyjamas for the winter season, we recommend long-sleeved models. If you are looking for something for the summer, short-sleeved or camisole models are the right choice.

There are several colours available for Donna Più's beautiful curvy pyjama models. You can find models in simple colours such as plain white, black, red and many others, or more extravagant and fun ones with original prints and patterns such as floral or animal prints.

In our shop there are women's pyjamas in comfortable sizes for every occasion. You can find the classic ones if your plan is to spend a night in comfort, but if you are planning something more romantic and special then the models made with lace details are perfect for you, in short, the range of models at your disposal is really huge, then it will be up to you to choose the model that best suits you, with which you feel more comfortable and that is perfect for your needs.

We have very beautiful and fashionable models, made with high quality fabrics chosen by experts especially for you, come and discover the whole new collection, you will be amazed!