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Plus size dressing gowns

The Donna Più underwear line offers a wide range of women's clothing for curvy women for both staying in and going out. A very popular garment for women to spend their free time at home is the dressing gown.

Plus-size dressing gowns are garments that women like to wear as a substitute for classic pyjamas. They are homewear and are suitable for all those who do not want to renounce their femininity and sensuality even at home.

There are many models of dressing gowns designed and manufactured exclusively to satisfy the desires of all women, and Donna Più, thanks to fashion experts, has selected the best size conforming garments both in terms of fit and in terms of the fabrics used to make them.

Many oversize dressing gowns are produced, and they can have different characteristics: you can find long models but also shorter ones, so you can choose the plus-size dressing gown model that best suits your tastes.

In colours or patterns, with or without embroidery, there are many models to choose from. If you love simplicity, then plain dressing gowns without any kind of decoration will be perfect for you. If, on the other hand, you like playing with patterns, don't worry, there are wonderful models available with amazing patterns. Finally, if your idea is to be romantic and sensual, then the models with lace embroidery are perfect for you.

You can choose to wear our dressing gowns alone or with matching lingerie underneath, so take a look at our plus size lingerie range too.

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