Down Jackets

Plus size down Jackets

Down jackets are clothing that can be worn by everyone. At Donna Più you will find comfortable down jackets of excellent quality and fit.

There are many models of plus-size duvets and they can be divided according to different aspects. One of these is the season in which you decide to wear them.

For the absolute coldest seasons we recommend heavier models that have been made with padding that does not allow body heat to escape so that they keep as much warmth as possible. Some types of padding that have the ability to retain body heat and therefore keep all who wear them warm are those made from goose down.

If, on the other hand, you are a curvy woman and would like to buy models for the mid-seasons, one type of down jacket we offer is the 100 gram plus size down jacket. This model is similar to a classic duvet, but what makes it different from the others is the padding and the much lighter fabrics. Another type of curvy women's down jacket suitable for mid-season is the sleeveless model, which only covers the chest area and therefore excludes the arms.

Another aspect to consider when buying is the length. There are mainly two types of cut, one long and one short. The most fashionable duvets in recent years have been short, but long duvets have not gone out of fashion.

There are many models, ranging from those with a small collar to those with a high collar, or you can find those with a hood or without. It is up to you to decide which curvy duvet is best suited to you and your desires.