Plus size coat

There are several categories of outerwear that you can find in the Donna Più catalogue, one of which is plus size coat.

One of the aspects to take into consideration when choosing the plus size coat that suit you best is the length. You can find long models, but not only, in fact if you don't like wearing clothes that are too long you can opt for those of a medium length, which end just below your b-side. On the other hand, if you prefer short models, we have a few that might be just right for you.

There is also a distinction to be made between the materials used to make the jackets in our collection for curvy women. If they are made from materials such as wool, then the jackets are perfect for low or even excessively low temperatures and therefore for the colder seasons; if, on the other hand, they are made from lighter fabrics such as cotton, then these models are more suitable for mid-season.

There are many plus-size jackets at your disposal, ranging from models with a hood, which is useful in cold seasons for extra coverage, to models with a hood that can be removed at any time you wish, held on to the rest of the jacket by a zip or even by buttons, and finally we come to models without a hood.

There are various colours available: you can find classic plain models as well as others with special patterns and prints. You can find animal or floral patterns, for example, and it is up to you to decide which model best suits your taste.

Coat are quite versatile and comfortable garments, so what are you waiting for, come to our Donna Più shop to find the plus size model that suits you best.