Plus size cardigan

A very popular item of clothing in the past and very fashionable now is the cardigan.

The famous women's cardigan can be described as a kind of jumper, but it is much more versatile. The main reason for its versatility is the fact that there are so many combinations you can make with this women's garment.

One of the main characteristics of the plus size cardigan is the fact that it has to be worn with something underneath, as it has an opening in the front that is repeated for every model produced. This is a very important aspect to differentiate between jumpers and cardigans.

This garment can be made from different materials. Depending on the season you will be wearing it, here at Donna Più you can find plus size cardigans made of comfort viscose or cotton, suitable when it starts to get quite cold, for example in the autumn or when it is not too cold, such as during the spring, or even suitable for humid summer evenings.

If, on the other hand, you decide to buy a plus-size women's cardigan for the winter season, we recommend that you consider those made of wool.

There are various models of women's plus size cardigans available, there are long models suitable for when you wear skirts or fairly tight trousers, or even when you decide to wear a simple pair of leggings.

Other types of cardigan jumpers available for curvy women are those with a short cut. These are especially suitable for use over skirts, dresses or loose trousers. The shorter models are also called heart warmers as they only cover the arms and part of the chest.

Plus-size women's cardigans are very useful during the cold seasons if you want to wear a dress that you usually wear during the summer, giving a chic touch to your outfit.

Come and discover Donna Più's line of plus size cardigans, you won't regret it!