• Barbara Lebek

    Barbara Lebek

    Barbara Lebek represents the pinnacle of contemporary women's fashion, offering a variety of options for every woman who desires to combine sartorial taste with everyday comfort. The Barbara Lebek catalog ranges from soft and comfortable knits, ideal for work and leisure, to lightweight down jackets perfect for transitional seasons, providing an impeccable balance between lightness and warmth.

    In the extensive assortment of the Barbara Lebek online shop, you will find garments that meet every style requirement: from tailored blazers and coats that define the silhouette to casual cardigans and vests that add a touch of structured style. Each jacket, jeans, and trousers are designed to enhance the figure with elegance and practicality.

    Barbara Lebek's official website is the preferred destination for those looking not only for the latest collection but also for exclusive pieces from the Barbara Lebek outlet, where quality meets affordability. Browse the pages dedicated to down jackets, including the renowned Barbara Lebek women's down jacket, a piece that combines design and technology, as demonstrated by the Thermore model, appreciated for its thermal insulation capacity while being surprisingly light.

    Barbara Lebek is not just a name but a guarantee of quality and style. From blazers to coats, through jackets and cardigans, every item is meticulously detailed. For those looking for something unique, Barbara Lebek jackets and knitwear offer variety and character to stand out on any occasion.

    Furthermore, positive reviews of Barbara Lebek confirm the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction, with a special mention for the Barbara Lebek down jacket line, which stands out for unparalleled comfort and lightness. Whether you're looking for the next piece to add to your wardrobe or a special gift, the official Barbara Lebek website is where every fashion desire becomes reality. With easy purchasing, reliable deliveries, and a wide range of sizes, including garments in plus sizes, Barbara Lebek is the uncompromising fashion destination.

  • Carla Ferroni
  • Charmline


    Donna Più was born in the heart of Merate, in the province of Lecco, and aims to meet the needs of curvy women in comfortable sizes. We love to seize new suggestions with an ever-watchful eye on fabrics, finishes and wearability. Over the years, we have won over and gained the loyalty of more and more customers thanks to our young, trendy and fashionable proposals and thanks to a catalogue that is constantly being updated to keep up with the times. Our shop windows display clothes from the main fashion brands on the market, and our most prestigious partners include Charmline, a brand dedicated to plus-size swimwear.

    What the Charmline universe has to offer

    Charmline is a highly qualified brand specialising in the design and production of shapewear for plus-size women. The line focuses mainly on one-piece swimming costumes which, thanks to the use of stitching, technical fabrics and various colours, perfectly shape the silhouette, creating sinuous, tapered and harmonious forms. Different levels of shapewear are available to suit every woman's needs and requirements. Charmline offers a comfortable yet refined and feminine look without sacrificing life's pleasures. According to the brand's philosophy, every woman should feel free to dress how she wants and where she wants, even on the beach, aiming for a line of aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable swimwear. The new Charmline collection, available in the windows of our shop in Merate, was born from these assumptions.

  • Conturelle


    Our shop in Merate Donna Più allows all women who wear plus size clothing to find the perfect clothes for their body. In our showcases there are numerous models of different brands with which we have decided to collaborate in order to make every woman happy. The garments present come from a careful selection from the catwalks and behind the scenes, in fact we pay particular attention to the fit, the fabric and the finish of each model. One brand featured in our Donna Più shop is Conturelle, a brand that has specialised in lingerie since 1885.

    The new Conturelle line

    Since the 1990s, Conturelle has been creating bras that fit every woman perfectly. The Conturelle underwear line highlights the sensuality of every curvy woman. The beauty of all female body types is emphasised by the interesting cuts and elegance of the models in the new collection. Comfort, fit and high quality, both in terms of materials and details, are the exact adjectives to describe the new Conturelle collection. In addition, each lingerie is handmade and checked repeatedly for optimum quality. The Conturelle line includes simple and modern lingerie, but not only that, if you visit us in our shop you will also find sensual lingerie with lace and embroidery and functional shapewear.

  • Donna Più
  • Elena Mirò

    Elena Mirò

    Donna Più is the shop in Merate that is a reference point for women in comfortable sizes. Our clothing proposal is the result of a careful selection that takes place behind the catwalks of the fashion shows and behind the scenes. On the strength of a long family tradition, we aim to offer a complete service in terms of quality and quantity by presenting the collections of the best fashion brands.

    The partnership with Elena Mirò

    Over the years, our shop has won over and gained the loyalty of more and more customers thanks to collaborations and partnerships with the most important brands on the national and international market, which have brought prestige to our brand. One of our most influential collaborations is with Elena Mirò, an Italian ready-to-wear brand dedicated to curvy women.

    New garments in the Elena Mirò collection

    Donna Più presents the new Elena Mirò collection by creatively arranging plus-size clothing in the windows to stimulate the imagination of customers who can invent their own outfits.

    Among the dresses, tunics with ethnic accents stand out, while delicate drapes are more suitable for a chic and elegant style. Among the dresses in the new Elena Mirò collection are various A-line cuts that enhance and valorise the plus size figure. Floral prints and tropical leaves colour the outfits, while long maxi dresses and two-piece suits with matching long waistcoats are the perfect choice for formal and classy gatherings.

    Knitwear includes short and long blouses, t-shirts embellished with beads and floral patterns, cotton shirts embroidered with sequins and beads, modern striped blouses and t-shirts with embroidery and 3D effect workmanship.

    One of the main highlights of Elena Mirò's collection is the classically cut coat, which sets a very distinct tone combined with maximum comfort. Alternatively, there are padded coats in pastel shades, while for those who like a more sporty look there are parkas, denim or fabric jackets.

    Elena Mirò plus size skirts come in long, straight or pleated lengths. There are also more sober models such as skirts with side slits in different colour palettes. The trouser range is also wide and varied, with palazzo models, floral patterns, skinny models, detailed jeans and cropped culottes.

  • Felina


    Located in the centre of Merate, Donna Più is a curvy women's clothing shop. In our shop you can find clothes from different brands that offer a wide choice of women's clothing for plus sizes. Donna Più offers a wide range of clothing drawn from a careful selection from the catwalks and behind the scenes, paying great attention to the choice of fabrics and finishes. One of the brands we have the honour of collaborating with is Felina, a brand that has specialised in intimate apparel for women for over 130 years.

    Felina: the underwear you'll love

    Felina produces top-quality lingerie thanks to simple chic embroidery, fine lace and delicate accessories. In 2015, the company became Felina International AG and the brand's strengths were reinforced: high-quality packaging and a snug fit make Felina products comfortable. Excellent quality and comfort are also given by the materials used, excellent materials thanks to which you will not encounter any type of skin irritation. In addition, the material used to make Felina underwear comes almost exclusively from Europe. Felina offers each woman a unique piece in style that best reflects her personality, from the tightest to the most comfortable, from a classic to a more elegant one. Behind Felina underwear there are years and years of experience that have allowed the company to understand and satisfy every need and desire of women.

  • Francesca


    Clothing represents a way to express one's personality, character and way of being and for this reason we at Donna Più, a shop in the heart of Merate, propose a very wide and varied offer to dress the modern woman with the maximum freedom and according to the main fashion trends. Our products are mainly oriented to women who wear comfortable sizes clothing, proposing in our shop windows the collections of the best brands and of the best brands of the sector. Thanks to a careful and accurate selection of fabrics, cuts and materials we have become a point of reference for all women in Merate and we have won and kept more and more customers over the years.

    Francesca by Sottini: the best of women's knitwear made in Italy

    Francesca by Sottini represents one of the main exponents of made in Italy fashion, with whom we boast a long partnership that has contributed to raising the prestige and charm of our shop. The brand has distinguished itself on the market by focusing on certain characteristic features of its products such as high wearability, attention to detail and top quality. All the creations are characterised by exclusive prints, original designs, excellent materials and a high level of comfort. The collections are created in a perfect mix of past, present and future representing the evolution of shapes and models that evolve and change with each new season according to new trends. At the heart of the project is the modern woman who loves style and comfortable fashion.

  • Frida Madé
  • Gaia Life

    Gaia Life

    Donna Più is a plus-size clothing shop in Merate run by Iolanda and Fabrizio Perego, two siblings who share a passion for fashion and dressing well. Together they opened the shop in 1997, on the strength of a consolidated family tradition spanning 4 generations. Our doors are open to all customers who love to dress well and with class without sacrificing comfort and practicality. We have consolidated our brand over the years thanks to various partnerships with leading brands in the sector. Among these is Pango, a company that has created various brands such as Gaia Life, which is entirely dedicated to the curvy world.

    The philosophy of the Gaia Life collection

    Gaia Life is a collection created to satisfy all the different needs and requirements of the female body, offering comfortable lines up to size 59 with a careful development of the specific plus size conformation. The soft fit sinuously follows the curves enhancing the femininity of the shapes. Another essential point for the Gaia Life line is the multi-target, understood as an increasingly varied proposal to satisfy the demanding requests of women who live in a society in continuous evolution. The female body and mind change and evolve over time, so to keep up with new fashion trends the brand aims to support the various changes in a woman by offering updated collections in line with her well-being.

  • Ghejtah More

    Ghejtah More

    Donna Più is a shop located in Merate in the province of Lecco that deals with plus-size clothing. In our shop there are several brands that produce clothes for curvy women. The shop windows display clothes that are the result of a careful selection from the catwalks and behind the scenes. All garments are chosen for their excellent fit, high quality fabrics and finish. Here you can find clothes, accessories and much more, for every day, but not only, in fact we are able to create more formal looks and suitable for ceremonies. One of the brands present in our shop in the province of Lecco is Ghejtah More.

    Every body is beauty with the Ghejtah More collection

    Ghejtah More is a brand that deals with women's clothing. The brand dresses curvy women who want to feel exclusive, cool and glamorous, women who, above all, need to feel at ease in all the situations in which they find themselves. For the company, every woman is perfect in her own way and must feel free, must feel herself. The new Ghejtah collection allows every woman to be proud of who she is, to be aware of her strength and her value. In short, for the brand, every woman, regardless of her size, must always be free to feel extraordinary in her own way, because a woman's beauty lies above all in her soul.

  • GiglioRosso


    The Merate Donna Più shop offers a wide selection of plus-size clothing for women. For these women a wide range of clothing from different brands is offered. One of these is GiglioRosso, a clothing company that entered the market in 1986. The choice of clothes in our shop is the result of a careful selection process that takes place on the catwalks and behind the scenes. We take great care to choose garments made from excellent fabrics and that have an excellent fit.

    GiglioRosso: a collection for plus sizes

    GiglioRosso proposes a new collection designed specifically for curvy women. A collection that perfectly respects the company's standards, in fact, as far as production is concerned we can say that it is 100% made in Italy and distribution takes place mainly in Italy, for example in our Donna Più shop. At your disposal in our shop there are personal shoppers ready to advise you during the choice of the perfect outfit for each of you.

  • Giulia Valli

    Giulia Valli

    Donna Più is a clothing shop located in Merate that has been in business for over 20 years. It is a clothing shop specially designed for curvy women who want to satisfy their needs. In our shop you can find a huge amount of garments chosen from the fashion shows and behind the scenes thanks to a careful selection. We collaborate with several brands that present collections for women who wear oversized clothing, one of which is the Giulia Valli brand.

    Giulia Valli, a line for all women

    Giulia Valli is a brand that was founded in 2001 and is part of the Fast 2 company. Fast 2 is a modern company that produces women's clothing for all chic women who like to dress with class. Every woman should feel at ease in every situation, which is why Giulia Valli presents a line of clothing that allows every woman to feel her best at all times. Giulia Valli refers to the trends of the moment and then creates unique and fashionable garments. A collection that enhances, thanks to the fabrics and shapes, the femininity, elegance and sensuality of each woman, so as to reflect the needs of each curvy woman. One aspect that the brand attaches great importance to when creating new clothes is quality. This is not only taken into consideration when choosing the fabrics, which are light and comfortable, but the perfect combination of garments and colours is also very important to the Giulia Valli brand, using unique colour palettes and combinations that respect the Giulia Valli style.

    Come to our shop to discover the Giulia Valli line and if you need help in choosing the best look there are personal shoppers ready to help you.

  • Jurerê
  • Lidea


    Donna Più is a shop in Merate that has managed to win the trust of its customers thanks to an extremely competent and professional personal shopper service and a constantly updated offer. We collaborate with numerous partner brands that represent excellence not only on a national but also on an international level. Our collections are geared towards curvy women who want to dress comfortably, versatile and fashionably at any time of day. As we approach the summer season, we are setting up our shop windows with the new collections of the leading fashion brands, including Lidea by Maryan Mehlhorn.

  • Marina Sport

    Marina Sport

    Donna Più is the reference shop in Merate for plus-size women. Our mission is to offer a wide assortment of clothing for all women who want to dress comfortably, elegantly and tastefully enhancing their physicality. We boast a long partnership with the best brands on the market for a fashionable, modern and trendy offer.

    Marina Sport Collection

    Among our partners we are pleased to include Marina Rinaldi, a brand specialised in the creation of clothing in comfortable sizes over 46. Over the years the Marina Rinaldi fashion house has developed collections in step with the times to offer cutting-edge products according to the main fashion trends.

    Our shop in Merate offers the Marina Sport collection dedicated to all those women who want to dress comfortably in the most casual and informal situations without giving up style. The collection is characterised by different colours and textures that are skilfully blended to create a play of shades that enhance the femininity of every woman with an elegant, fluid and natural style. The different items of clothing in the collection allow you to combine and dare with very daring and unusual outfits, combining various colours that do not clash but rather blend perfectly with each other, conveying a sense of naturalness and spontaneity.

  • Mirella Matteini

    Mirella Matteini

    Every woman, regardless of her size and weight, has the right to dress comfortably in the style she prefers: elegant, fashionable, trendy or urban style. Donna Più, the reference shop for curvy women in the heart of Merate, was born with this in mind. We have been carrying on this activity with great passion for 4 generations, offering our customers comfortable and conformed clothes that enhance every woman's shape and femininity. Our proposal is very wide and varied thanks to the collaboration with the main fashion houses of the sector. One of these is Mirella Matteini, a brand that has made quality and creativity its strong points.

    Mirella Matteini: the brand that makes the most of every woman

    Mirella Matteini focuses on the elegance and refined style made in Italy. Each collection is the result of the inspiration of master craftsmen and the study of the main trends of the moment to create unique and original garments. Attention to detail and a strong focus on the past and present are the main strengths of the brand, which creates a unique style suspended between vintage and modern elements. Mirella Matteini proposes an infinite palette of colours able to seduce every woman and to offer her different outfits that perfectly suit every need.

  • Pennyblack


    Curvy women have found their point of reference at Donna Più, the clothing shop in Merate that offers a range of constantly updated collections from the main brands in the sector. In addition to proposing a qualitatively and quantitatively rich offer, we are ready to provide a valid consultancy service to our customers in order to renew their wardrobe and help them choose the most suitable plus size clothing to feel at ease in every situation: from important ceremonies to the daily activities of modern life. Pennyblack represents one of our main partners with whom we boast a long collaboration that has contributed to increasing our prestige.

    The distinctive features of Pennyblack

    Pennyblack offers an excellent quality/price ratio and proposes different solutions to satisfy the modern, strong and confident woman who wants a dynamic yet easy-to-wear style for every moment of the day. Accurate finishes and refined materials characterize the Pennyblack branded garments and each collection is created by innovative young designers from all over the world with a keen eye on the main trends of the moment and emerging news of the fashion world. The Pennyblack style is constantly renewed through trendy and youthful collections that are able to satisfy every request for aesthetics and wearability for every moment of the day.

  • Persona


    Donna Più is a shop in Merate, in the province of Lecco, which offers a very wide and varied range of shapewear, shaping underwear and swimwear to enhance every curve. At our shop customers can find a wide choice of trousers, shirts, jumpers, jeans, skirts, coats, down jackets, bags, accessories and shoes. We are constantly renewing our collections to be always fashionable and provide outfits in step with the times.

    Marina Rinaldi: who it is and what it offers

    One of our main partners is Marina Rinaldi, a fashion house specialising in the manufacture and sale of women's clothing over size 46. Marina Rinaldi belongs to the Max Mara Fashion Group holding and has established itself on the market as one of the main references in the plus size clothing sector.

  • Riva Tricot
  • Zoe