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Donna Più is a clothing shop located in Merate that has been in business for over 20 years. It is a clothing shop specially designed for curvy women who want to satisfy their needs. In our shop you can find a huge amount of garments chosen from the fashion shows and behind the scenes thanks to a careful selection. We collaborate with several brands that present collections for women who wear oversized clothing, one of which is the Giulia Valli brand.

Giulia Valli, a line for all women

Giulia Valli is a brand that was founded in 2001 and is part of the Fast 2 company. Fast 2 is a modern company that produces women's clothing for all chic women who like to dress with class. Every woman should feel at ease in every situation, which is why Giulia Valli presents a line of clothing that allows every woman to feel her best at all times. Giulia Valli refers to the trends of the moment and then creates unique and fashionable garments. A collection that enhances, thanks to the fabrics and shapes, the femininity, elegance and sensuality of each woman, so as to reflect the needs of each curvy woman. One aspect that the brand attaches great importance to when creating new clothes is quality. This is not only taken into consideration when choosing the fabrics, which are light and comfortable, but the perfect combination of garments and colours is also very important to the Giulia Valli brand, using unique colour palettes and combinations that respect the Giulia Valli style.

Come to our shop to discover the Giulia Valli line and if you need help in choosing the best look there are personal shoppers ready to help you.

The Giulia Valli Woman line

A collection designed for women of all shapes and sizes. The Giulia Valli Woman line features clothing that is accurate in every detail and completely made in Italy. It is suitable for all women and their needs and guarantees maximum wearability thanks to the choice of the best materials. It is a line in which comfort and elegance are the key words. The collection by Giulia Valli includes clothing that is suitable for all types of occasions, starting from a very normal everyday moment, for example a classic day at the office or an aperitif with friends, to occasions such as parties and much more. What Giulia Valli proposes is a collection for curvy women with a modern, sophisticated and fresh style, in short, a unique style in which each woman can feel at ease. This collection includes a variety of women's clothing, including dresses, which come in two different lengths: the longer models that end in mid-calf, and the slightly shorter ones that reach the knee. We then move on from simple to more detailed sweaters, from short-sleeved blouses to those with mid-length sleeves, and even of these we find simple models such as plain colours and others with more sophisticated patterns.

To see all the proposals of this wonderful collection come and visit us in our Donna Più shop and if you need to, you can contact our team of experts who are always ready to help you.