List of products by brand GiglioRosso

The Merate Donna Più shop offers a wide selection of plus-size clothing for women. For these women a wide range of clothing from different brands is offered. One of these is GiglioRosso, a clothing company that entered the market in 1986. The choice of clothes in our shop is the result of a careful selection process that takes place on the catwalks and behind the scenes. We take great care to choose garments made from excellent fabrics and that have an excellent fit.

GiglioRosso: a collection for plus sizes

GiglioRosso proposes a new collection designed specifically for curvy women. A collection that perfectly respects the company's standards, in fact, as far as production is concerned we can say that it is 100% made in Italy and distribution takes place mainly in Italy, for example in our Donna Più shop. At your disposal in our shop there are personal shoppers ready to advise you during the choice of the perfect outfit for each of you.


A new collection signed GiglioRosso

In our shop you can find the collection signed GiglioRosso. This clothing line has been created for all plus-size women who want to follow fashion trends and who want to dress with class but above all want to feel beautiful beyond their size, as the company's slogan says. It is a collection designed for all plus-size women who prefer an elegant style. In this collection you can see perfectly the love for details and the respect for the environment, very important aspects for this 100% made in Italy brand that is constantly trying to expand its distribution also to the foreign market. The garments in the GiglioRosso line include knitwear, outerwear but also trousers, skirts and dresses. Some of the GiglioRosso products are characterised by the use of original and extravagant patterns with unique colour palettes and combinations. In addition to garments with unique patterns, there are also others in which plain colours have been used.

To try on the garments of this line for curvy women just come to our Donna Più shop in Merate, where you will find the GiglioRosso collection and many other collections.