List of products by brand Ghejtah More

Donna Più is a shop located in Merate in the province of Lecco that deals with plus-size clothing. In our shop there are several brands that produce clothes for curvy women. The shop windows display clothes that are the result of a careful selection from the catwalks and behind the scenes. All garments are chosen for their excellent fit, high quality fabrics and finish. Here you can find clothes, accessories and much more, for every day, but not only, in fact we are able to create more formal looks and suitable for ceremonies. One of the brands present in our shop in the province of Lecco is Ghejtah More.

Every body is beauty with the Ghejtah More collection

Ghejtah More is a brand that deals with women's clothing. The brand dresses curvy women who want to feel exclusive, cool and glamorous, women who, above all, need to feel at ease in all the situations in which they find themselves. For the company, every woman is perfect in her own way and must feel free, must feel herself. The new Ghejtah collection allows every woman to be proud of who she is, to be aware of her strength and her value. In short, for the brand, every woman, regardless of her size, must always be free to feel extraordinary in her own way, because a woman's beauty lies above all in her soul.

The new Ghejtah more collection

Ghejtah More proposes a new collection. A collection full of colours and volumes for all women. The garments in the new collection are modern, refined and sophisticated. The brand pays a lot of attention to details and gives special importance to the comfort of each garment presented in the new collection. The collection ranges from garments for everyday wear to those for more special moments to express the true essence of each woman. The colours that characterise most of the clothes in the new collection by Ghejtah More include fuchsia and coral.

The new collection varies from sweaters and tops to blouses and shirts, but not only, in fact, this collection also includes dresses that we can find both long to mid-calf and medium length to the knee, but also trousers in different lengths for women who do not like to wear skirts. As far as outerwear is concerned, the line includes jackets, waistcoats and much more. In this collection, it must be said that we go from simple models, such as plain colours, to more sophisticated and extravagant ones with the most detailed patterns.

To discover the entire new collection signed Ghejtah More pass in our shop in the province of Lecco Donna Più, you will be welcomed by our team of experts who will help you make the best decision for you.