List of products by brand Gaia Life

Donna Più is a plus-size clothing shop in Merate run by Iolanda and Fabrizio Perego, two siblings who share a passion for fashion and dressing well. Together they opened the shop in 1997, on the strength of a consolidated family tradition spanning 4 generations. Our doors are open to all customers who love to dress well and with class without sacrificing comfort and practicality. We have consolidated our brand over the years thanks to various partnerships with leading brands in the sector. Among these is Pango, a company that has created various brands such as Gaia Life, which is entirely dedicated to the curvy world.

The philosophy of the Gaia Life collection

Gaia Life is a collection created to satisfy all the different needs and requirements of the female body, offering comfortable lines up to size 59 with a careful development of the specific plus size conformation. The soft fit sinuously follows the curves enhancing the femininity of the shapes. Another essential point for the Gaia Life line is the multi-target, understood as an increasingly varied proposal to satisfy the demanding requests of women who live in a society in continuous evolution. The female body and mind change and evolve over time, so to keep up with new fashion trends the brand aims to support the various changes in a woman by offering updated collections in line with her well-being.

What does Gaia Life offer?

The Gaia Life line is entirely dedicated to the curvy world and is conceived and designed to meet the needs of a woman with soft curves and a multifunctional and versatile look. Attention to detail and high wearability are typical features of the Gaia Life line, which dresses the modern woman who loves a practical, original and personalised style. The creativity of the outfits allows to create a different style to face every moment of the day or the most important events. Customers can choose between an easy and casual look for leisure time, a city collection look for the different situations of everyday life or a more sophisticated and elegant look for special ceremonies or special occasions.

The new Gaia Life collection

At the Donna Più shop you can admire the entire Gaia Life collection, created for our customers eager to see the new outfits. Energy explodes in all the colours of the Gaia Life collection, which focuses on bright and flamboyant shades such as red and gold, capable of giving a lively, jaunty but at the same time elegant tone to every outfit. Alternatively, there are white, black and fuchsia city life, ideal colours for facing all the challenges of hectic and convulsive urban life in the best possible way.

Our customers can combine their outfits with the help and advice of our experienced, qualified and competent staff. Simple lines, sophisticated details, elegant cuts and ethnic styles are some of the main features of the new Gaia Life collection for women who love to express their style with lively, elegant and colourful clothing.