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Clothing represents a way to express one's personality, character and way of being and for this reason we at Donna Più, a shop in the heart of Merate, propose a very wide and varied offer to dress the modern woman with the maximum freedom and according to the main fashion trends. Our products are mainly oriented to women who wear comfortable sizes clothing, proposing in our shop windows the collections of the best brands and of the best brands of the sector. Thanks to a careful and accurate selection of fabrics, cuts and materials we have become a point of reference for all women in Merate and we have won and kept more and more customers over the years.

Francesca by Sottini: the best of women's knitwear made in Italy

Francesca by Sottini represents one of the main exponents of made in Italy fashion, with whom we boast a long partnership that has contributed to raising the prestige and charm of our shop. The brand has distinguished itself on the market by focusing on certain characteristic features of its products such as high wearability, attention to detail and top quality. All the creations are characterised by exclusive prints, original designs, excellent materials and a high level of comfort. The collections are created in a perfect mix of past, present and future representing the evolution of shapes and models that evolve and change with each new season according to new trends. At the heart of the project is the modern woman who loves style and comfortable fashion.

The new Francesca by Sottini collection

Our Donna Più shop displays in the window all the items of clothing from the new Francesca by Sottini collection. The line is extremely wide and varied, capable of satisfying even the most demanding women who are not satisfied and who want to achieve a wow effect on any occasion and in any circumstance. The collection includes precious fabrics, sophisticated garments, vibrant colours and comfortable shapes so that different outfits can be created and mixed for everyday challenges or exclusive events.

The collection features a variety of proposals that are perfectly suited to every woman's style. Women who love elegance can aim for a chic and refined style by choosing dresses that highlight their lines and enhance their femininity with short cuts that are halfway between casual and elegant. Women with a strong character, on the other hand, can focus on a strong and particularly eclectic style that denotes a very decisive personality. Jersey dresses, dresses with flowers and polka dots, organza shirts, geometric floral print shirts, cardigans, jersey tank tops, viscose skirts, printed trousers, half-sleeve t-shirts with red flowers and patterned half-sleeve t-shirts are just some examples of the new and colourful collection by Francesca by Sottini.