Plus size blouses

One item of women's clothing in the wardrobe of many plus-size women is the curvy blouse. The blouse was one of the first garments to be worn by women, in addition to dresses, and has never gone out of fashion since.

What differentiates blouses from shirts is the lack of buttons on the front, so blouses remain closed and are worn just like sweaters.

Plus-size blouses are loose-fitting shirts designed to be worn either individually or with a belt at the waist to make the most of all the beautiful curves you have.

One aspect that characterises this women's fashion garment is its cut. As it has a wide cut, the blouse can be worn in different ways: you can decide to wear it with a pair of trousers, whether they are wide or narrow, or even with a skirt, as the blouse is a very versatile garment as it goes well with everything and adapts to every need.

Among the different combinations that you can make with our plus size blouses, you can find the blouse and trousers outfit suitable for different occasions, whether for a day at work or for a walk in the city centre with your friends.

If you're planning a wedding for friends or family, but don't like wearing dresses, then our elegant wedding blouses in a range of colours are just the thing for you. If weddings aren't on your agenda, but you still like an elegant style, then for all you plus-size women there are also our plus-size blouses that add an extra touch of elegance to your look and are suitable for all those slightly more formal evenings.

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