Beach accessories

Beach accessories

If you are looking for something to wear over your favourite swimming costumes, or if you don't like to show off your body too much, we at Donna Più have just the thing for you. Let's talk about what we call women's beach accessories. By this term we mean, for example, plus-size tunics.

The tunic is an item of women's clothing that many curvy women love to wear over their plus-size swimming costume, and can be worn over a plus-size bikini or under a one-piece swimming costume, it's up to you to choose the most suitable use for your needs.

This feminine garment, as well as being perfect for all plus-size women who prefer not to show off their bodies too much, is also suitable for those days when the sun is out but it is not too hot to be left alone in a swimming costume.

There are different types of tunic, ranging from short-sleeved models to half-sleeved or long-sleeved models suitable for when it is not so hot.

Another difference that can be made is that there are models with a central opening and others closed as if they were real dresses. If your aim is to add a touch of style to your plus size beachwear without hiding your favourite bikinis or one-piece swimming costumes, then open tops are the ones for you. If, on the other hand, you want to use tunics as beach or poolside clothing, then closed tops are perfect for wearing as plus size dresses.

Come and discover all the wonderful models of plus-size tunics we offer in our collection, designed and manufactured to make your look even more beautiful and fashionable.